Jenny Liu Zhang

Jenny Liu Zhang is a design technologist passionate about making technology that nourishes human play, storytelling, and wellbeing. Her methods integrate theory building with action research.

Ryan Haecker

Ryan Haecker is a theologian and philosopher affiliated with the William Temple Foundation. His research explores the intersections of ancient Platonism, medieval scholasticism, and modern idealism for modern theology. He received a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies from Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity. His doctoral dissertation, ‘Restoring Reason: Theology of Logic in Origen of Alexandria’, written under the supervision of Rowan Williams, developed the first theological interpretation of logic or ‘theology of logic’ in the writings of the early Christian theologian Origen of Alexandria (fl. AD 185-253/4) as an inspiration for the future development of a Christian and Trinitarian Ontology of logic. He has previously studied history, philosophy, and theology at the University of Texas, the University of Würzburg, and the University of Nottingham. He has written an unpublished genealogy of the analogy of being (analogia entis), dialectic, and logic from Plato and Aristotle, through Aquinas and Ockham, to Hegel and Przywara. He has published over three dozen articles, and has presented over one hundred papers and talks at conferences around the world. His research interests extend to Trinitarian Ontology, Philosophy of Logic, Platonism, Patristics, German Idealism, Systematic and Historical Theology. He is currently editing a two-volume collection, ‘New Trinitarian Ontologies’.

Brandon Yip

I'm a doctoral student in Philosophy at the Australian National University. The primary question that motivates my work is this one: How ought one to live? More narrowly, my main interest is in the philosophy of emotion in the context of moral psychology and meta-ethics. Our emotions, I believer, are our means of access to value in the world and they aim at helping us to properly respond to these values. I am also interested in rehabilitating some of our more negative emotions such as shame and disgust.

Of course, one cannot think about how to live without interrogating the social and material conditions in which we live and have our being. Issues relating to how we navigate the digital is thus a recent but prominent question that I aim to explore.